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NH Charters


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Enjoy a 4-hour ride on one of our charter boats! Max capacity is 6 people. Select either our meal or fishing package to enhance your trip! Be sure to add the correct amount of passes for the amount of tickets(per person). Each pass is only valid for one charter trip and cannot be reused

Select which charter you wish to book and the date you would like. Visit our Boats page to read and learn about each boat.

This pass is only valid for one charter trip, and cannot be reused.

  • Fishing Package

    Come and see what you can catch for yourself in these New England waters! Add this package on to any of your charter trips to enjoy a relaxing time fishing while you explore the waters with us.

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  • Meal Package

    This package includes a meal during your charter trip! We understand the hunge can prove bothersome, and hinder your enjoyment. With this package, we will provide a meal for you to enjoy during our trip.

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